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Builders Toilet Hire

We have available:

For construction equipment hire, Royal Flush can provide you with suitable builders toilet hire for short-term or long-term periods. We provide a clean and hygienic sanitation experience for construction and building sites. Our experience in Builders Toilet Hire in the construction and building industry has made us aware of the necessity and importance of clean and hygienic portable toilets, as all hard working builders need to have accessible toilet facilities. That is why Royal Flush provides quality Builders Toilet Hire for all your construction equipment needs.

Our Fresh Water Flushing Toilets are delivered to site only after passing our factory check to ensure they are operating correctly & are hygienically cleaned with suitable disinfectant. They come complete with toilet paper, non-formaldehyde chemical in the waste tank & a full water tank.

Builders Toilet Hire

All our units are serviced on site every 4 weeks by our own service vehicles. The service includes, pumping waste tank, recharging chemical, refilling water tank, replacing toilet paper & washing inside. Our service system is fully computerized so that no service request is necessary.

Servicing weekly or fortnightly can be quoted if required.

We also provide Timber Crossovers, which are suitable for protecting concrete footpaths & driveways. Rubbish Cages can also be supplied if required by Local authorities.

Rubbish Bins can also be supplied including emptying service.