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Event Toilet Hire

We have available:

Royal Flush caters to all Event Toilet Hire needs. Royal Flush is able to provide clean, single, fresh water flushing portable toilets for any sized event. Our approach is to provide our customers with the right sanitising tactic, providing clean and well-presented toilets for all events. Our equipment is always kept in great condition with regular maintenance. Our management would be pleased to discuss your requirements regarding event toilet hire at any time. Our event hire toilets come complete with hand basin, mirror, hand towels, soap dispenser, light, rubbish bin & sanitary disposal (optional).

Attendants can be provided to keep event hire toilets in pristine condition if required.

With experience in events of all sizes, Event Toilet Hire with Royal Flush is a quick and easy experience offering all your visitors and patrons A-Class style and comfort.

Single Toilet

Event Toilet Hire

Here at Royal Flush Toilet Hire we aim to provide portable toilets that not only service all of your guests needs but also are able to be accommodated within your event layout. We have found from experience that we are able to locate single units (or multiple singles) more strategically than large blocks, to better fit in with your event layout.

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Drinking Water Trailers (Hydration Station)

Drinking Water Trailers
  • Fresh Drinking Water
  • Up to 6 Bubblers and 2 Taps in each Drink Trailer
  • Installation Provided on Site

Royal Flush Drinking Water Trailers are suitable for all indoor and outdoor events, providing drinking water to ensure that all your visitors and customers are well hydrated and refreshed. This is particularly important for large crowd events. Royal Flush is the leading provider of Hydration stations, providing drinking water for your entire event needs.

All our drinking water trailers each have 6 bubblers and 2 taps providing drinking water to your patrons direct from the water mains.

Our experienced staff members install the connections of the drink trailers & arrange matting to avoid problems with mud and damage to grassed areas.

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Wheelchair Accessible Toilets

Event Toilet Hire

Our wheel chair accessible portable toilets have the same inclusions as the single toilets plus a Baby Change Table, providing easy access for people in wheelchairs and parents with babies.

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